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Your body is your temple, so make sure that it gets the ‘herbal kind’ of natural indulgence every now and again. In Kulsum’s Kaya Kalp Body Spa Kit, we have put together a luxurious body spa treatment that not only helps in reviving the whole body, it also adds those essential nutrients back into it to make it feel refreshed, relaxed and exuberant again.

Body Spa Kit Contains:

·         Shower Gel

·         White Lily

·         Relax Massage Oil

·         Dew (Anti-Stretch Mark)

·         Gurumantra Pack


·         You can apply Dew all over your body, 1 hour before you take a bath. It protects the skin from the chlorinating and ageing effects of water and makes it smooth.

·         Apply the Shower Gel liberally on the face and body and rinse off.

·         Apply the appropriate amount of the Relax Massage Oil all over the body in a circular motion (steam bath/towel is recommended after the massage)

·         Apply a thick layer of the Gurumantra Pack all over the body and leave for 15 – 20 minutes (or till it dries) before rinsing of with water.

·         Apply White Lily lotion liberally on your face and body.

        Note :-


        Body Spa Kit  180gms

  •         Shower Gel  200ml
  • Relax Massage Oil  200ml
  • Dew        180gms
  • Gurumantra  225gms
  • White lily    200ml

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